Well the head is fired. It didn’t blow up, or crack. I can take a breath for now :).

I have been reflecting a lot on the work. It really has been quite a journey. The ‘process’ of making, reflecting and evaluating has been very interesting and has pushed my creativity, insight and concepts. I am re-evaluating what is this work about? What exactly do I want to say? Who is it for? How will it serve people? Is it too self-absorbed? Have I moved away from my original objectives? Where is the work heading? How can I improve it? What impact will it have? How will it serve the Sikh community? What is my priorities? Have I missed anything from the work I started off with? Do I need to go back and look at the initial interviews I engaged with? What did they offer? How can I move forward?

After a lot of reflection, evaluation and discussions answer started to surface.


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