Sketching and Drawing.

Although in someways an obvious part of making art is the ‘sketch’ and something that has been part of my process, I haven’t used it as much as I perhaps could do.

My process so far has very much been about playing around with mock sculptures and material, weather clay and fabric, seeds, pulses, wire etc. This process of developing an idea was very much part of my BA Hons in Fine Art. As a drawing or sketch for a 3-D piece for me can only really be seen when made in 3-D. It has a different feel, and presence when lifted off the page and into 3-D form.

However sketching is a quick way of getting out ideas and takes less effort than actually making a 3-D mock each time I have an idea. An obvious method, yes, but I feel I have arrived at another turning point in my work. The sketch.

I finally got hold of the book, the Primacy of Drawing by Deanna Petherbridge. It was great to be able to marry her chapter about the importance of the sketch, with the phase I was in at present. 

Petherbridge states that the sketch has multiple uses:

-generating new ideas

-copying from others

-stimulating the visual imagination

-documenting the phenomological world

-studying precise detail

capturing and suggesting mood & emotion

She believes that ’ drawing is the basis of all art and visual thinking’ and that the ‘primal significance of drawing in the generation of visual concepts and processes in art. Many other forms of endeavor, such as music, dance and literature, architecture, design and engineering, some sciences and mathematics, similarly develop ideas from a first sketch’.  (Petherbridge, 2010: p. 2)

I seem to have an urgency and impatience and nervousness to my process of making at the moment, I think it would be good to come back and utilize the sketch fully. However, I have to be aware that I do not want to design the sculptures, like a designer and then produce them as I feel this will loose some of the unfolding process and excitement as the piece unravels. For me it would be too clinical and I would loos interest in my own work, somehow. But I will go back and sketch.


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