Meeting with Alnoor Mithar.

I set up a meeting with Alnoor Mitha. He is now a research fellow at MIRAD and the Director of Shisha and an Artist himself. An organisation that supports South Asian artist, nationally and internationally. I have worked with Shisha previously, leading art workshops.

I wanted to see Alnoor response to my work as he has seen my work as an emerging artists in 2008. Plus as he has seen lots of South Asian work from all over the world, I was interested in his feedback.

Alnoor said that the work had a presence, had a mystical quality especially because it has no hair. Which was good feedback to have as that is the presence I want it to have.

It was good to discuss my own journey as a South Asian woman and especially to another artist who could relate to some of the issues I was concerned about or been through.

The work seems to be heading in the direction I want it to go in. I am glad it has a presence and a mystical quality and that it communicates that.


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