This moment was a huge turning point in my MA. It was a sharp learning curve about trusting my own eyes, vision, intuition and feel for my own work. 

I knew already there was no point in pushing the work to make it look exactly like me. This process was making me angry and it really moved away from its soulful presence.

I kept in mind what Amanda and my other sister had said about it being spiritual and Vj saying it was “beautiful and soulful” (an email I only read after I had changed it!).

I realised that is what I want to aim for. Plus I needed to let go. Let go of controlling the process as such and allow the work breath and grow itself.  And trust my own self to know when to stop when it feels right. Which is a very difficult challenge. As one’s ego wants to control and perfect. When really one needs to just breath and say there it is.

I reworked the cheeks, taking of all the clay I had added, whilst changing the work to resemble my own cheeks. As the new clay added, was slightly wetter than the old clay, I was able to feel when to stop, which was really helpful.

I worked on the top lip and the nose too. Which is less elongated now. But also it was too round and looked less elegant. Although I think the last nose was rather too elongated and looked too ‘pretty’. I still wanted a human element to the piece.

Before added the bottom lip, I tried to work on all aspects of the face, so there was room to smooth and scrap off any added clay.


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