She ended up initially looking like this.

I realised, as it had been a little bit of  a roller coaster, that I needed some support and reassurance. But also an honest opinion of the work and some valid critical feedback.

I had emailed John Hyatt, the Director of MIRIAD and incredible artist, to come and look at the work. So we met.

The meeting was really useful. . As John had not seen my work lately, I showed him all the pieces I have been working on, except for the leg one. John was helpful in pointing out things that were not quite working and also was honest and upfront about what was working.

We talked in depth about the process of letting go when working and letting the work speak and come through itself. A process and method, which John uses in his work. He gave me a small book about his work and his process as through this phrase, this has become integral to my work.

He said the head piece had presence and also said it was ‘powerful’. Which was great to hear as Amanda had used the word powerful too and I hoped I had not lost that.

Both Amanda and John mentioned that the back needs working on, which I am well aware off. But have already sketched up an idea for it, and which I will discuss further later on. The only thing with the face, he was concerned with was the top lip. We both agreed that it was a little too flat and a different style to the rest of the rounded shapes of the face. It did not match and John used the term ‘it looks alien’. Which in fact it does.

Also as I want the mouth to look like it is about to speak, I tried to create the mouth with a bit more movement compared to the other features, which as more ‘fixed’.  Plus I let the mouth be slightly open as though the head is about to speak. John said he did not read this and suggested I should have the mouth open a little more, if that is what I wanted.

He mentioned two artist too look at Feng Feng and another, whose name I need to get off another tutor.


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