I forgot to mention that it all ended in tears. I did in fact cry. I really thought, Oh Lord I have just over worked it. I lost two nights sleep thinking it was over and that all those hours have gone down the drain.

I woke up early today, regardless of having very little sleep, and went to try and see if I could sort out my face.

The good thing was that even though I had moved the nose up and also changed the tip and also width and nostril area, it actually looked fine. The nose definitely looked more like mine. It did not quite have the same soulful feel. Which I then managed to recreate by looking at the previous sculpture. It seemed the nose was more defined and slightly less human. So I rectified this.

The lips did not really resemble mine, so I took this as an opportunity to work to more similarity, but still have a spiritual quality. As I have worked on the lips for a while, making them a dozen or so times, I held onto the fact that I had done it before and could do it again.

My heart in my mouth as I just thought, I would not get it right. But first of all I worked on putting the face right. I made a quick mock of the lips and too see the potential of the face possible looking like me and the potential of it being fixed and then took the bottom lip off and reworked it.


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