I showed my work to one of my supervisors (Amanda), just to see their reaction and response to the work as they had not seen the work to date for a while.

They gave some interesting pointers and remarks. They found the foot a ‘powerful’ piece. Which surprised me as it is such a small piece. Not that small pieces are not powerful.

The mentioned that the head piece although resembled me, was more of a feeling type of self-portrait. Which in essence is true. The work for me holds a spiritual element and sits between this Earthly life and elsewhere. Initially I wanted the piece to look exactly like me. However I also want other women to relate to that piece and somehow see themselves in there somewhere. Plus through the process of making, it comes apparent that at certain points that work just feels right and too over work it, would not do it justice and it would loose something.

I worked on the eyes constantly for nearly 2 weeks, they have got to a point that they really feel right. Do I alter them? I think not.

My tutor also mentioned she liked the profile of the piece. Which was a nice compliment. I still would like to work on certain features, but the piece is developing well I feel.


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