After two great crits with my research peer and valid feedback, it was apparent that:

  • the proportions of the nose was wrong
  • the eyes were to small and too far apart
  • the shape of the face was too oval rather than rectangular – which mine is.
  • the bottom lip needed to be more protruding and level with the forehead
  • the eyes needed to be bigger
  • reminder: the distance between the eyes is the same as having one eyes in-between (three eyes so to speak)
  • the area near to the eyes on the outside of the eyes, was far too wide and in-fact went back completely where the eye ended.

I had already worked on the sculpture since crit one and I was told there was already a vast improvement.

I worked quite a lot using the feedback given as well as taking extra photos of my profile and portrait to rectify some of the form.

  • I sculpted the nose at least 6 times
  • the mouth – was constantly being molded
  • the eyes were the biggest issue. After watching a sculpting video on how to sculpt eyes, I attempted, using the strategy to make my own. After at least 10 trails, I realised I needed to add my own strategy and finally got the result I wanted.

Here I am at a point where I am really pleased with the head, so I will remove my self from the piece for a while and come back to it with ‘fresh eyes’ 🙂


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