Interesting artist I was introduced to by a peer from uni. At first glance, you think that he himself is obsessed in a one dimensional way to beauty. But in his interview he Zavros comes across as having a more deeper understanding to the relationship contemporary culture has to beauty. It reminded me of my own work ‘Beauty is’ (2002) where I used the same magazine covers and images to confront notions of female ‘beauty’. In someways I see parallels in his approach to Andy Warhol where Warhol is both embracing and holding up contemporary culture to ridicule. There is an air of ambiguity, that is both embracing and rejecting of the this culture.

It also reminded me of the fact that my own work is revealing a lot about my own relationship with my body and form. As, as  I am basing my sculpture loosely on my own body, memories, associations and questions arise as I work on different limbs. I must remember to expand on this.

Michael Zavros Interview (link).


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