So I will have two embryo for two different process.

The green wax one is for ‘lost wax casting’. The mold will be lost.

The clay one is so I can make replicas. The clay need to be slightly moist, but not soft so one looses the detail when making the cast.

The hands took the longest to do as the fingers were so fiddly. At the moment I am only doing a simple form that will represent an an embryo, rather than a detailed one. As the detail is not essential because the finished metal piece will form part of the head of the Kirpan (Double edge sword) and I don’t want it to look too obvious, until one comes up close to the Kirpan. Although I would like to possibly try a more detailed one and perhaps an embryo more in a ball type shape. I could go further still and have different embryos and different stages of their development on different Kirpan ends. But I don’t think this is really necessary as it does not really add to the concept (at this stage). Also the process is time consuming and one has to be realistic, in terms of the MA timescale.


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