Evelyn Botter Foot.

I loved this foot too for the detail and human element. The foot is again very muscular like the Gladiator foot, but in a different way. It is more approachable. The Gladiator foot is serene and in someways superficial, this one is human and flesh like.

I believe such research will inform how I finish my own foot. Questions I will be asking myself are:

What kind of foot do I want to convey? Strong? Sturdy? ‘Motherly’?

Such questions, make me think about my own mother and her build, which is rather like mine. Yet from a daughter – mother point of view, my Mother’s form always appeared very strong and sturdy. I saw her as a strong Punjabi women. Almost like a healthy Oak tree. She had 6 children. 4 of whom were born a few years a part, so her arm muscles from carrying us and doing everything else, were always firm and muscular. Yet she was also very very beautiful and ‘feminine’ in the traditional Indian sense.


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