Jannis Kounellis.

My more abstract work from my undergraduate degree was greatly influenced by Jannis Kounellis. His work is simple and poetic. The movement Arte Povera – poor art – particularly grasped me as everyday objects were made into something meaningful, political, beautiful and or poetic.

I saw this work at the Museum of Modern Art – Oxford in 2005. This particular piece stuck with me since then. The use of mixed media, the contrast and juxtaposition of hard and soft, industrial and fabric, metal and fibre was stunning. The hat and the coat at the end of the piece was thought provoking. Although I did not fully grasp the meaning of the last bit, the aesthetics and poetry of this piece stayed with me.

Mixed media and my work.

Coming from a sculpture background, I have often mixed a range of media. Like in Kounellis’ artwork, texture, contrast, juxtaposition, color,  are aspects that allow the work to communicate, and influence the meaning and poetry of my own work.


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