Jenny Saville.

Plan 1993.

Saville’s work and especially in this series always left a lasting impression. The work is bold and uncompromising. And deals with issues around a woman’s body.

Link with my own work.

The uncompromising nature, the intimacy, vulnerability and honesty in Saville’s work is what strikes me. As-well as the technical ability of the artist. My previous artwork, especially during my Undergraduate degree was quite conceptual, metaphorical and abstract. Yet I have always been drawn to the technical side of artwork, where more traditional, drawing, painting or sculpting methods are used to manifest a concept and communicate an idea. Through presenting my artwork from my BA Art degree, I learnt that what I was communicating could only be understood by a few people. In most, those who understood the language of art, especially conceptual art.

My work today and communicating to the audience.

I am hoping that my work create a dialogue and communicates not only to those who understand the language of art. I am hoping the audience includes members of the punjabi community, which include migrants from India, academics, farmers, traders, working class, middle class etc.

India is full or art, sculptures, paintings, poetry, film etc. Apart from the poetry, a lot of the sculptures and paintings have quite a literal way of communicating. The more modern artists in India and the UK, do work in more abstract ways. Yet I do not want my MA work to alienate, I want it to be quiet accessible to a range of people and including a Sikh audiences as it is about creating discussion about issues that affect women in Sikh Punjabi communities.

Traditional ways of making.

I have already had first hand experience in showing work that is abstract and then quite traditional to a Sikh audience from a varied backgrounds. The ones which are more traditional and sometimes more literal are understood than the one’s are abstract. Therefore I will have to negotiate how I manifest the concepts I am exploring.


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