Artistic inspiration.


Artistic inspiration.

Image by Leonardo Da Vinci.

My meeting and supervisions have been going really well. I am moving in the right direction and my work is becoming more focused and my RD1 has taking shape. I have been asked by one of my supervisors on 19th of March, what artists I am inspired by in terms of sculpture.

This question really got me thinking. As my work has shifted to a more figurative style, at the moment I don’t really know who really inspires me apart from Leonardo Da Vinci. His drawings, paintings and sculpture are just incredible. I have become fascinated with his images of embryos.

I guess as I have grown with my work, what inspires me has changed, although Da Vinci has always been a favorite of mine. A lot of other artist in the past that have inspired me have been:

Frida Kahlo
Singh Twins
Chila Kumari Burman
Matthew Barney
Sarah Lucus
Grayson Perry
Shirin Neshat
Jannis Kounellis

To name a few. But something seems to have quietly shifted as I am drawn back to things that once inspired me in my younger years. I once a gain fee drawn to the Old Masters. That sense of awe in the magnificence of combining traditional skills of drawing and sculpting with a concept.


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