Jhansi Ki Rani.

My auntie told me about this amazing woman. She herself was taught about this woman as part of her history lesson in India. The Queen of Jhansi stood up and lead with others, the 1857 rebellion against the British Raj. The event is also known as India’s First War of Independence.

Sculpture and link to my work.

Again, this piece has a lot of movement and had a powerful aesthetic and presence. Amongst the statues of men on horseback, it is rare exciting to see a woman riding a horse, with a sword in hand.

What is interesting is where fact and story telling come together. The story is true, yet some see Jhansi as a goddess. Which is I guess a way of  honoring her. Yet, like my in my Virangana piece, I think its important to tell stories of ‘ordinary woman’. There acts and the potential to act in similar ways is then not out of reach. The power to influence and change our own lives and the world around us, is something ‘ordinary women’ can do and achieve.

I would like my work to be grounded in the stories of ordinary woman and even perhaps my own experiences.


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