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Talk with Sikh Channel

I was fortunate enough to be part of a very interesting discussion about Sikhi and youth. It was an open discussion filmed by the Sikh Channel UK and will be shared on Sikh Channel on the 27th of March and the 3rd of April 2012. The discussion took place with the lovely Sangat with from Manchester Sikh Society. Please tune in as it was a worthy discussion. You can watch it on line:

‘The Sikh Channel has made a proper slot for university shows every Tuesday at 7pm and repeat of this show every Saturday on 3.30pm. But as you know about the Campaign for Balwant Singh Rajoana, there will be special shows broadcasting’.


Artistic inspiration.


Artistic inspiration.

Image by Leonardo Da Vinci.

My meeting and supervisions have been going really well. I am moving in the right direction and my work is becoming more focused and my RD1 has taking shape. I have been asked by one of my supervisors on 19th of March, what artists I am inspired by in terms of sculpture.

This question really got me thinking. As my work has shifted to a more figurative style, at the moment I don’t really know who really inspires me apart from Leonardo Da Vinci. His drawings, paintings and sculpture are just incredible. I have become fascinated with his images of embryos.

I guess as I have grown with my work, what inspires me has changed, although Da Vinci has always been a favorite of mine. A lot of other artist in the past that have inspired me have been:

Frida Kahlo
Singh Twins
Chila Kumari Burman
Matthew Barney
Sarah Lucus
Grayson Perry
Shirin Neshat
Jannis Kounellis

To name a few. But something seems to have quietly shifted as I am drawn back to things that once inspired me in my younger years. I once a gain fee drawn to the Old Masters. That sense of awe in the magnificence of combining traditional skills of drawing and sculpting with a concept.




Photo by me.

Khanda arrangement by Sundeep Singh.

It has been an interesting few weeks. I did a talk in Canterbury at the University of Kent for the Sikh Society (29th of March 2012) about women and Sikhism. This was my second talk of this kind, the last was at Central Gudwara Manchester (26th March 2011). Through the talks and general discussions, it is becoming increasing apparent how relevant the issues surrounding women/girls that I researching. Some of the issues that affected me 10 years ago, also affect the youth (next generation) of today. I had an amazing discussion with a young women just this week about her experience of being a female in South Asian Punjabi culture. The parallels with her and my own experience was unbelievable. I also showed her my work in progress. Which was the first time any Sikh person has seen the work. It was good to get a positive response and I felt inspired that I was on the right track.