Phoolen Devi.

A very inspiring women. Her story is really interesting and empowering.

Women and my Masters in Research.

I was told about this women about 5 years ago. I looked up her story and watched ‘Bandit Queen’ a film about her life. My Virangana work in progress piece made during my Art Residency at Contact Theatre was inspired and influenced by women’s stories like this one. Other stories are like that of Jhansi Ke Rani. Such acts of courage, striving for justice carried out by such women, push me to make the art work I make. The Masters Degree in Research that I have started at MIRIAD, also has been spurred into being by the acts, stories of many women from different cultures. This particular blog will look at the difference influences, visual imagery, artists that may influence my process from the start to the end of my MA.

Visual images and stories.

We the age of the internet access to visual imagery easy and vast. Whilst researching one either stumbles upon or can pick out images and stories that are of interest. This blog will explore a range of those stories and images, which feed into my work.


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